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Keto Diet for Weight Loss For Beginners (For Us Radio Hosts)


Where to start on Low-carb and Ketogenic diet | keto for beginners!

OK so here you are, on the brink of going low carb but don’t really know how to start or what keto supplements (such as Peofect Keto) to take (do you even need it?)

First you could watch “Fed Up!“, it is a great crash course into the problematic situation almost every nation is facing at the moment because of the food corporations’ control over the food we must consume.

Some of the craziest stats I got from that movie:

  • Between 1977 and 2000, sugar consumption doubled.
  • World Health Organization advises to divide our sugar consumption by 2. The US threaten to remove their subsidy if they publish their actual results.
  • 80% of school cafeterias in the US have deals with Pepsi and Coca-Cola.
  • By 2050 (35 years from now), 1/3rd of all Americans will have diabetes [Side Note: If you’ve never experience the sting from an insulin meter, do it (most pharmacies will do it for you I think) and imagine doing that 5 times a day –> That is a nightmarish situation in my mind – I’m a wuss I know!].
  • Oh and if you have kids beware of what they watch: kids consume 45% more snacks when there are food commercials during their cartoons (and I’m sure it’s also true for adults). Let me tell you the main food issue in the world we live in.

Perfect Keto Base Exogenous Ketone Supplements

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Added sugars are everywhere. Sugars will raise your insulin levels. And high insulin tells your body to store fat.
Because of dubious studies from the start of the XXth century (and because it seems logical), everyone started believing that a calorie is a calorie and if your metabolic rate + activity < consumption, you will get fat. [Law of thermodynamics]

That makes no sense in a world where noone (almost) calorie counts and a lot of people can keep a steady weight despite huge variations in what they eat. And now many studies have proven that the laws of thermodynamics do not apply in the diet of humans.

Fat storage and energy consumption are ruled by many things, such as:

  • hormones (insulin and many others)
  • your macrobiome (gut flora)
  • energy expanded from each type of nutrients (thermic effects of nutrients is approximately 2–3 % for lipids, 6–8 % for carbohydrates, and 25–30% for proteins)

Check out these tables:

By consuming the same amount of calories but with different nutrient ratios, the body gets 60 fewer calories a day (which could mean 2.4 kg – 5.3 lbs – of fat loss over the course of one year : 60*365=21900 calories/9 [9cal/g of fat] = 2400g)
With no calorie restriction!
If you’re good at maths, that’s when you tell me “Fine, I’m just going to eat protein then as even more heat will be wasted”
Well :
1. Good luck eating only protein shakes, ham and chicken fillets.
2. You need fat to actually assimilate protein.
3. Your cells runs on glucose (coming from carbs or fat); not protein. Protein only maintains your muscle tissue.

Let’s say you go for 200g – 0.45 lbs – of protein a day (yeah, 1kg of meat :-p – 2.2 lbs -).
All the …

By Mary Bangs

Welcome to Eagle Extra


Welcome To Eagle Extra

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We have a range of Broadcasting Courses designed for schools and colleges to create weekly radio shows on Eagle Extra.  We are now taking bookings for the Autumn term 2012 with workshops starting in September.

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We run bespoke Arts Awards bringing Radio Drama and storytelling to the airwaves.  We have two courses planned for August and October 2012.

Students Eagle Extra can help students proficient in media skills gain further experience in the exciting world of radio. We run 2/3 day Radio Rockz courses throughout the year for young people to make content and learn the ropes of making radio shows.

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Eagle Extra can help deliver strategic corporate communications by creating bespoke branded content delivered by young people, families and communities.


Eagle Extra can help businesses penetrate communities in a very local way by offering the creation of local radio shows with branded content and product placement.

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Eagle Extra will broadcast specialist community programmes from across our Broadcast Area highlighting and promoting the various goings-on within communities.

By Mary Bangs