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Eagle Radio’s Education Team is made up of Broadcast Tutors and Producers experienced in a variety of backgrounds.

All fully DBS checked and under the guidance of a team of Child Protection Officers, the team have
worked with over 100 schools in the past academic year and continue to expand on their extensive list of schools and build upon a strong reputation amongst schools and youth groups in Eagle’s broadcast area.

Broadcasting for Schools half or full-term Courses

Delivered in weekly sessions over a half or full term period, Eagle Radio’s Broadcasting for Schools course is a flexible format for schools to use the impactful medium of radio to engage students with a curriculum or school issue. By creating either their own weekly show or a long-term project for broadcast on Eagle Extra, students will learn to draw upon radio elements such as journalism, review, drama, interviewing, quiz shows and reporting to develop communication skills and build confidence whilst learning a subject in an innovative and memorable way.

Examples of courses run have included primary schools creating news stories and fictional interviews from the Tudor times, secondary schools enacting an Of Mice and Men radio drama, or specialist schools reporting on school activity. Courses can also include elements of any activity days, and are available either in our Guildford studios or with mobile recording equipment brought to schools.

Cohort sizes are ideally up to 12, and several groups can be rotated through a course to allow for a wider reach of participation. The below guide prices are valid for the 2013/14 academic year, and while surplus resource costs may apply for bespoke cases, we encourage schools with limited budgets to contact us too, as more often than not we can find something to suit any budget.

Half Term Course: £850 (exc. VAT)

Full Term Course: £1,500 (exc. VAT)

Activity Days & One-off Workshops

Run over anything from a small two-hour session to a huge two-day experience, Eagle’s Education Team bring a variety of radio projects to life in a range of fun experiences flexibly designed to fit cohorts of different sizes and abilities.

The Advert Challenge

The Education team work with a school to prepare a creative brief that students need to respond to by designing, rehearsing and recording/performing a radio advert. An Eagle Radio Broadcast Tutor will guide the group through the process of scriptwriting, vocal performance, sourcing music and including sound effects for their finished advert, with the option of including numeracy through budgets and campaign planning for more able groups.

Radio Drama

With a script prepared either by the school or Eagle Radio in advance, an Eagle Radio Broadcast Tutor helps students to record their own short Radio Drama. Foley Artistry and sound effects are introduced with guidance on vocal performance and studio production, leading the group to a finished, broadcast-ready product.

The Newsroom

Taking a school, community, or global issue, students learn how to put together a news bulletin using reporting, interviewing, writing and communication skills. Led by a journalist from Eagle Radio, the group learn about radio news and the varying techniques of communicating with different audiences. For an interesting cross-curricular twist, the events reported on can either be fictional or based on an historical event.

DJing & MCing

With a crash course in the science of sound waves and basic music, theory, this dynamic workshop guides students through the basics of DJing and understanding the process of mixing tracks. Expression then becomes the focus, discussion leading into basic MCing over mixed beats. Whether it’s a Montague vs. Capulet rap battle or just a chance to debate school issues, MCing allows students to engage with issues they otherwise might not talk about.

Two-hour Activity: £300 (exc. VAT)

Half-day Activity: £450 (exc. VAT)

Full-day Activity: £850 (exc. VAT)

Workshops and Activity Days are available either in our Guildford studios or with mobile recording equipment brought to you. Ideal cohort sizes vary. Please speak to a member of our team for a quote based on your specific requirements.

In addition to these year-round offerings, each half term seasonal themes are introduced to inspire new ways that workshops and activity days can been developed around a topical idea.

School Holidays with Eagle Radio

When schools are closed, Eagle Radio opens its doors to the pupils of Surrey and Hampshire to run a range of activities. Click on one of the links below to find out more:

Free Opportunities for Schools & Youth Groups

Eagle’s Education Team is occasionally able to offer training or workshops fully or partly subsidised by charity or public funding. Click on a link below to learn more about current opportunities your school or organisation might be eligible for:

Online and Social Media Law and Ethics

Funding body: Fully funded by the Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey

Eligibility criteria: All state-funded Secondary Schools in Surrey

War-themed Activity Days

Funding body: Subsidised by the Army Covenant Fund
Eligibility criteria: All Schools in Hampshire

In the past the Education Team have also worked with Surrey Police, the University of Surrey, NIACE and several other organisations. If you would like to get involved in one of the above programmes or explore the benefits of sponsoring a programme, please contact us to find out more.

If you want to talk to Eagle Education team about constructing a bespoke course for you school, use the contact form below.

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