Keto Diet for Weight Loss For Beginners (For Us Radio Hosts)

Keto Diet for Weight Loss For Beginners (For Us Radio Hosts)

Where to start on Low-carb and Ketogenic diet | keto for beginners!

OK so here you are, on the brink of going low carb but don’t really know how to start or what keto supplements (such as Peofect Keto) to take (do you even need it?)

First you could watch “Fed Up!“, it is a great crash course into the problematic situation almost every nation is facing at the moment because of the food corporations’ control over the food we must consume.

Some of the craziest stats I got from that movie:

  • Between 1977 and 2000, sugar consumption doubled.
  • World Health Organization advises to divide our sugar consumption by 2. The US threaten to remove their subsidy if they publish their actual results.
  • 80% of school cafeterias in the US have deals with Pepsi and Coca-Cola.
  • By 2050 (35 years from now), 1/3rd of all Americans will have diabetes [Side Note: If you’ve never experience the sting from an insulin meter, do it (most pharmacies will do it for you I think) and imagine doing that 5 times a day –> That is a nightmarish situation in my mind – I’m a wuss I know!].
  • Oh and if you have kids beware of what they watch: kids consume 45% more snacks when there are food commercials during their cartoons (and I’m sure it’s also true for adults). Let me tell you the main food issue in the world we live in.

Perfect Keto Base Exogenous Ketone Supplements

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Added sugars are everywhere. Sugars will raise your insulin levels. And high insulin tells your body to store fat.
Because of dubious studies from the start of the XXth century (and because it seems logical), everyone started believing that a calorie is a calorie and if your metabolic rate + activity < consumption, you will get fat. [Law of thermodynamics]

That makes no sense in a world where noone (almost) calorie counts and a lot of people can keep a steady weight despite huge variations in what they eat. And now many studies have proven that the laws of thermodynamics do not apply in the diet of humans.

Fat storage and energy consumption are ruled by many things, such as:

  • hormones (insulin and many others)
  • your macrobiome (gut flora)
  • energy expanded from each type of nutrients (thermic effects of nutrients is approximately 2–3 % for lipids, 6–8 % for carbohydrates, and 25–30% for proteins)

Check out these tables:

By consuming the same amount of calories but with different nutrient ratios, the body gets 60 fewer calories a day (which could mean 2.4 kg – 5.3 lbs – of fat loss over the course of one year : 60*365=21900 calories/9 [9cal/g of fat] = 2400g)
With no calorie restriction!
If you’re good at maths, that’s when you tell me “Fine, I’m just going to eat protein then as even more heat will be wasted”
Well :
1. Good luck eating only protein shakes, ham and chicken fillets.
2. You need fat to actually assimilate protein.
3. Your cells runs on glucose (coming from carbs or fat); not protein. Protein only maintains your muscle tissue.

Let’s say you go for 200g – 0.45 lbs – of protein a day (yeah, 1kg of meat :-p – 2.2 lbs -).
All the protein that’s not used by your muscles (and it is estimated that you only need 1g of protein/kg of muscle/day) will be turned into fat and create plenty of other health issues.

OK but Carbs, are good, everybody says so…

Your cells need glucose to function, and your brain even more so, and eating fat will give you cholesterol…. You have or will hear this from someone whenever you talk about low carb lifestyle!

As soon as you are done ingesting a small amount of carbs though (to produce some glucose for your cells), your insulin blood level will raise.
This is the hormone that tells your body to store fat to prepare for tougher times (when you are not gorging on this huge bowl of pasta or big brownie). As a result… all the carbs which are not used immediately by the body are stored…. as body fat…

On top of that insulin response also prevents your brain from issuing signals that you are full and can stop eating… leading to binge eating…! Soooo, in moderation, a little carb is theoretically OK, especially fiber (as that’s not digested).

In our societies though, moderation is always tough… (we don’t chew enough / take the time for our brains to signal to us that we are full, and are often peered pressured into finishing our plates) AND we have a great issue associated with the carbs: SUGAR

Sugar is a proven drug (More addictive than cocaine and it stimulates exactly the same area in the brain) and when you consume some, you will immediately want to go back.  Sugars used in desserts and sweets have extremely high Glycemic Index which means that your insulin will spike immediately… not good….!

If we want to lose weight or not put on any weight then, we should really try to eliminate insulin and aim for a low carb diet as it is much easier to stick to.
Now that we’ve established that we should go lowcarb.

What to Eat and What to Avoid on the Keto Diet

Ketogenic foods are highest quality, natural foods and it is not processed or processed as little as possible. To avoid processed foods, keto-ers prefer to make everything themselves, from homemade ghee to burgers).

Ketogenic foods are high in fat, adequate in protein and of course, low carb.

The most common mistakes on a ketogenic diet include not watching the quality and composition of your food and being careless about your carb intake.

Keto Diet Food List / Menu

Top Keto Approved Foods:

  • Seafood.
  • Shellfish & Fish are keto-friendly foods.
  • Low-Carb Vegetables
  • Eggs
  • Coconut Oil
  • Plain Greek Yogurt and Cottage Cheese.
  • Cheese.
  • Avocados
  • Poultry & Meat

Why push it further with a ketogenic diet?

Because it is the scientifically optimal diet for weight-loss and performance. So, what is average weight loss on ketosis?

It is harder to abide to than a lowcarb one (that’s why it is only temporary in most cases – switch back to lowcarb once you have your dream body!) but relying on gluconeogenesis (glucose from fatty acids) to fuel your body means you don’t store fat and can burn the fat you consume and the fat stored in your body in a super efficient way (and create ketones, and be on a ketogenic diet…).

You will have almost no glucose to burn because of your dietary selectiveness, but will burn fatty acids to replace it.

The great result is that you will become a super efficient machine, able to function at a high rate constantly. You will be able to go hunting (or whatever modern humans do) for days, burning bodyfat, and survive without catching your big prey (aka dinner). This is a regular thing for many animals who oft have to survive for a long while between big feasts.

Now let’s act on all this science!

We’ve all been there. You are about to embark on a life improving journey but apprehension can be there and this is not a mainstream thing (yet..!) so support from your family and friends will not be major.
First, let’s rate how messed up your body and lifestyle is and see how much effort it will take to switch to a better life.

How many times a week do you eat fast food?

How many times a week do you pick one of the unhealthiest choices on a restaurant menu?  

How many glasses of soda/fruit juice do you drink per month?

Rate your sweet tooth between 1 (not interested) and 10 (constantly “on” Skittles!) Add three if you don’t like really dark chocolate ..

How many main courses can you cook of the top of your head (no recipe to look at) ?
How many times a week do you prepare a full meal (10 minutes minimum!)  ……
How many workouts per week do you do?     ………

Total = A – B

If your total is:
over 15: you’re in trouble my friend! – Stop those sodas ASAP!
over 0 : you are going to need make time for cooking and will have to pick better options
negative: pretty good!
minus 15 and below: good job!

PS: this is just me inventing something fun on the spot, with literally 0 science behind it, but it might work!  Welcome to the blog, I hope you will give this a serious chance and that you will reap the results! And do not forget to try Perfect Keto product 🙂