Welcome to Eagle Extra

Welcome To Eagle Extra

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Schools Colleges

We have a range of Broadcasting Courses designed for schools and colleges to create weekly radio shows on Eagle Extra.  We are now taking bookings for the Autumn term 2012 with workshops starting in September.

Drama Theatre Groups

We run bespoke Arts Awards bringing Radio Drama and storytelling to the airwaves.  We have two courses planned for August and October 2012.

Students Eagle Extra can help students proficient in media skills gain further experience in the exciting world of radio. We run 2/3 day Radio Rockz courses throughout the year for young people to make content and learn the ropes of making radio shows.

Public Sector

Eagle Extra can help deliver strategic corporate communications by creating bespoke branded content delivered by young people, families and communities.


Eagle Extra can help businesses penetrate communities in a very local way by offering the creation of local radio shows with branded content and product placement.

Community Groups

Eagle Extra will broadcast specialist community programmes from across our Broadcast Area highlighting and promoting the various goings-on within communities.