Centenary is a community story project documenting military and civilian lives through war and peace over the last one hundred years.


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Centenary – From Frontline to Peacetime

To commemorate the Centenary of WWI, Eagle Radio are capturing the stories of military and civilian communities to document how people’s lives have been affected by war over the past 100 years.

Centenary Update – December 1914

8th Alton Scouts report on soldiers sneaking into enemy trenches, the rise of the Zeppelin and the Christmas Day football match between the German and Allied troops.

Memories of the RAF

Keith Burrows from Andover recounts his memories of 32 years in the RAF including travelling the world and starting a family.

Hive – Aldershot

Karen Webster from Hive at Aldershot Garrison explains the work she does within the Army community.

Centenary Update: November 1914

We head to the battlefields of Ypres and hear from British and German soldiers. As told by Camberley Air Cadets.

ABF The Soldiers Charity

Lewis Mason speaks to ABF The Soldiers Charity about the work they do to support the troops and how they raise funds.

The Girls of the ATS

We speak to 2 ladies who were part of the Auxiliary Territorial Service (ATS) during WW2. We Also speak to a man who grew up in the are in the 1950s and he tells us about the dance halls of the time.

Centenary Update – October 1914

We head into the trenches to find out what life was like for the troops on the front line. Presented to you by 8th Alton Scouts.

Delving into Medical Records

Rebecca Burrows heads to Afghanistan to find out how the troops are preparing to leave the country and TV historian Neil Oliver explains how you can look at medical records from WW1.

What next?

What happens after a soldier leaves the Army? we head to Aldershot to speak with a solider who is about to leave after 25 years service.

Coping after Iraq

Ant Millington from Petersfield talks about his time in Iraq with the Army and how he coped after being diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after he came back.

Centenary Update: September 1914

Camberley Air Cadets give you the news 100 years after it happened. We head to the River Marne where British and French troops are about to fight Germany.

The Allenby/Connaught Project

Lt Col Tony Stevens explains about the Allenby/Connaught Project at Aldershot Garrison. A huge redevelopment of army housing and facilities.

Southampton’s Military Links

Sue Woolgar – Collections Manager at Southampton City Council tells us about the city’s military links from the first World War up to the present day.

A Shots Fan – 100 Years Young

Frank Burt has been supporting Aldershot since 1927 and this year celebrated his 100th birthday. He still regularly attends matches and tells us his memories of watching the Shots for over 80 years.

The Real Blackadder

Gemma speaks to Tim Minnerny, Captain Darling from Blackadder, about the real people who fought in WW1 with the names of the characters from the TV show. Also 8th Alton Scouts have our monthly Centenary Update.

FAST Museum – A Guided Tour

We are taken around the FAST museum in Farnborough to learn about the history of aviation and what the future holds.

Kiwis in the UK

We hear from local author Murray Rowlands who has written 2 books on Aldershot during the Great War.

A Military Childhood

Jim Cox from Farnborough tells his story of growing up in a Military family during the 1950’s and 60’s. From Cyprus to Germany and how it is different for children today.

A Week In Camp Bastion

Eagle Radio Journalist Rebecca Burrows travels to Afghanistan as British Armed Forces prepare to hand over Helmand to the Afghanistan National Army. She spends 5 days in Camp Bastion to see first hand the work still being done by our troops.

Centenary Update: The Story So Far…

We travel back exactly 100 years to to hear the story of how the First World War began. We recap on our updates from November 1913 to July 1914.

Aviation and Farnborough

Find out about the life of Samuel Cody and how Farnborough became the home for British military aviation from the historians at FAST museum, Farnborough.

The Navy Lark

We hear from a woman who spent more than 20 years in the Royal Navy and we find out about the fantastic work done by the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund.

Life at the Garrison

We head to Aldershot Garrison for the final time to find out about the people who work behind the scenes. Also Camberley Air Cadets tell us about the assassination of Frank Ferdinand in our Centenary Update.

Hayling Billy

We head to Havant to an event which celebrated the Hayling Billy. A steam train which connected Hayling Island to the mainland and was an important mode of transport during World War 2.

MediCinema and memories of Bosnia

We hear the memories of Tony Gardner as he thinks back to his times serving in Bosnia. We also go to Headley Court to find out how a cinema is helping in rehabilitation.

D-Day: The Veterans

To mark the 70th anniversary of D-Day, we speak to 2 local Normandy veterans who tell us their incredible war stories and what it was like on the Normandy beaches.

Chelsea Pensioners

We speak to in-patients at the Royal Hospital, Chelsea about their military background and what it is like to be a Chelsea Pensioner.

Oh What A Lovely War!

We head to Hartley Witney to speak to the cast of a production of Oh What A Lovely War! Hear more stories for Aldershot Garrison and Camberley Air Cadets have our Centenary update for this month.

Tales from Hale

We speak to residents of Hale, most of whom have lived there all their lives about how the village has changed and what it was like during World War 2.

Learning About War

Pupils for Shawfield Primary School and Binstead Primary School learn about life during World War 1, World War 2 and and what it is like for army families in the present day.

Southsea & Football Memories

We speak to residents of Southsea who remember growing up during and after World War 2. We also head down to Aldershot Military Stadium for a special football match to commemorate the Army FA’s 125th Anniversary.

More From The Back Room

We find out more about the staff at Aldershot Garrison. We also have the Centenary Update for this month from Odiham and District Scouts.

The History of Naval Firepower

Gemma takes a tour around Explosions! The Museum of Naval Firepower in Portsmouth to find out the history and what the future holds.

Wartime Memories

Another chance to hear Ruth’s story. Ruth was a child in Aldershot during World War 2 and she tells us her experiences of growing up at that time. We also head to Sea City Museum, Southampton where the public exhibited their military memorabilia.

Remembering The Falklands

Gerald Howarth, MP for Aldershot looks back at the Falklands War and what it still means to people 32 years on.

The Back Room

We find out about the day-to-day work done behind the scenes at Aldershot Garrison. Also Odiham & District Scouts have the next installment of World War One in Real Time.

Battle Lines

We find out about the Forest Forge ‘Battle Lines’ project. Three plays have been written based on the wartime stories of local Hampshire residents.

11 years since Iraq

To mark the 11th anniversary since the beginning of the Iraq war, we have a special report from Eagle Extra’s News Team.

The Displaced Polish Community

We hear the story of Wieslav Rogalski whose parents escaped the Nazi occupation of Poland and remained in England after the war.

Wellington School War Reports

The pupils of Wellington Primary School, Aldershot have recorded news bulletins from WW2.

The Military Museum

We take a tour around Aldershot Military Museum to find out about the artefacts they showcase. Also Camberley Air Cadets present a news bulletin from February 1914.

Military and Faith

Find out out military chaplains help and support the troops and how faith plays it’s part in military life.

Being a Military Wife: Part 2

We have the 2nd part of Maureen’s story as she tells us about being in Berlin when the Wall came down. We also hear Hannah’s story about being a Military Wife today and students from Wavell School have messages to their parents who are currently serving in the Army around the world.

Being a Military Wife: Part 1

We hear the memories of Maureen, an Aldershot resident who has spent over 60 years as a military wife. We also have the final part of our series looking at the history of Aldershot with local historian, Paul Vickers.

The Tin Ring

Students from the Sixth Form College, Farnborough interview Jane Arnfield, who’s play The Tin Ring depicts the true story of Holocaust survivior, Zdenka Fantlova. Lewis Mason finds out about military charity, Scotty’s Little Soldiers and Camberely Air Cadets perform a news report from Crete in January 1914.

Memories of War

Aldershot resident Fred Smith tells the story of his unlce who was a POW during WW2. Gemma heads to Southampton to hear the stories behind WW1 memorabilia and we find out about the changes to Aldershot during the

Aldershot – The History and The Future

This installment of our history of Aldershot looks at how the town chancged between 1919 and 1945. We also find out how Aldershot will be developing over the next few years for both the military and civilians and how you could join the Army Reserves.

The Bohunt Report

Students from Bohunt School, Liphook speak to serving members of the Armed Forces as well as a World War 2 veteran.

World War I in Real Time – December 1913

Odiham & District Scouts tell us what happened in Germany in December 1913 after the Balkan wars.

Christmas Messages

The children and family of Army personnel have some very special Christmas messages for their loved ones.

A Tour of Edgar Jerome Ltd

We find out the history of Edgar Jerome Ltd, a shop which has been serving Aldershot residents for 90 years and listen to the 3rd part of our history of Aldershot – 1890-1918.

200 Years of the Gurkhas

We find out the history between the Nepalese regiment and the British Army over the past 200 years. We also have the 2nd part of our in-depth history of Aldershot as we discover what happened between 1850 and 1890.

World War I In Real Time

Over the next 14 months, Centenary: From Frontline To Peacetime will be re-enacting the events leading up to the breakout of the First World War. In our first installment we head back to November 1913 with Odiham and District Scouts.

In The Community

This week we look at how the Military interact with their local community. We are at the launch of BFBS Aldershot and speak to Chelsea Pensioners at Headley Court.

The Home of the British Army

We discover how Aldershot became the “Home of the British Army” with local historian, Paul Vickers. Also Aldershot resident Ruth Hale recalls her memories of growing up in the town during World War II.

Remembrance Day Special

To launch Frontline to Peacetime we bring you a Remembrance Day Special featuring war poetry and words from people at the Poppy Appeal launch event in Farnborough.