Eagle Radio Studio Remolding Project News

Eagle Radio Studio Remolding Project News

Eagle Extra Studio proud to present a remodeling contractor from Austin.

They are leading house, kitchen & bath remodeling contractors across the greater Austin area.

Whether you are trying to renovate or remodel an office building, apartment complex, or your own home, Rodriguez Remodeling can help you with all of your construction needs.

Our extensive history in renovations and business construction can help transform your dream into a reality!

We provide kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, hardwood floors, decking as well as business and commercial space enhancements, helping you transform your location into the one that you have always imagined.

All Types of Home Improvements

Rodriguez Remodeling is a customer-oriented all-purpose restoration company designed to meet the remodeling needs of residential and commercial clients in the Austin region. Interior or exterior, we can do it.

After a fire, we could respond immediately, and arrive together with equipment needed to start recovering your property to its previous state.

With our years as a prominent Austin rebuilding and renovation firm, we have staff of experienced and committed staff concentrated on restoring your property as fast as can be expected under the circumstances. We will coordinate with your insurance agency if needed.

Austin’s Experienced Commercial Contractor

We have been helping apartment and commercial houses throughout the country create their perfect spaces since 1995. Our services comprise:

Our On-Site Manager will maintain direct communication with your Property Manager. We minimize our presence on your property and your tenants. We keep you informed of activities and clean up as soon as the job is done.

Rodriguez Remodeling uses highly qualified experienced craftsmen. We make the task run smoothly by providing quality work at a reasonable price. We pinpoint possible problems that might arise in any particular job, allowing us to prepare our staff to make the task run more efficiently.

Meeting your needs is our primary concern. We stay in communicating with our team throughout your project with cell phones and two-way radios at each job site, so Owners, Decorators and Architects can contact us to make sure any changes are passed on the work crews quickly.

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Our extensive knowledge and expertise in every facet of construction enables us follow all manufacturer’s recommendations, specifications and instructions constantly. Rodriguez Remodeling takes pride in utilizing top-of-the-line products and professionally trained teams. You’re assured the highest quality standards are adhered to on every task.